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If you are looking for a quiet, cosy place to stay in La Paz, you will find the best family-run boutique hotels in the country and a wide selection of restaurants. We have a list of our top 10 accommodations in Bolivia, from the most popular hotels to some of the cheapest hotels.

Located in the heart of the Zona Sur, this hotel is ideal for exploring the west side of the Bolivian capital. Located in downtown Sopocachi, it is the best thing to stay in La Paz, Bolivia, with a wide selection of hotels, restaurants and bars.

It is also located in the middle of the bustling downtown area and is a great place to tick off your top 10 list of activities in La Paz, Bolivia. Surf through our list of the best hotels in El Alto and the 10 best hotels in Bolivia to plan your trip.

Located on the famous Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, the Hotel Sal Luna Salada has all the amenities and services you need to relax in one of the most secluded hotels in the world. Here and there we give you some general advice that could be useful to inform you about hotel services in Bolivia. Of course, every hotel we offer has other facilities that we can incorporate, but we do it because we believe we can offer visitors something special.

The Altiplano Hotel Boutique is the ideal starting point for a stay in Tarija, and even if you are not in the middle of the hustle and bustle, you can stay in one of the most beautiful hotels in Bolivia, the Hotel Sal Luna Salada, which has all the amenities of a luxury hotel.

If you are a telecommuter or freelance writer and have something to do during your stay in La Paz, you cannot find a better place than this. Your safe, flexible and trusted service has proven to be one of the best ways to get the most out of your time in South America.

The Altiplano Hotel is one of the best hotels in La Paz and also the most popular hotel in the city. The 70 suites (Camino Real Suites) are equally ideal for business and leisure stays, combining the plush comfort expected of a good hotel in La Paz with the luxurious amenities of a high-end boutique hotel. Facilities at the hotel include a full-service restaurant, bar, gym, gym, spa and fitness centre. It is no surprise that the dorms are a little plain, but the private rooms are no less than those of boutique hotels.

Most notable, however, is the commitment of the hotel to offer an unforgettable hotel experience with a full-service restaurant, bar, gym and gym, a spa and fitness centre and a spa.

The whole place is dotted with lively Andean works of art that give an impression of what life was like in La Paz in the past. When you enter the charming colonial courtyard, the chaos of LaPaz seems to melt and it is the personal experience that is the highlight. When we spoke to the owners, it became clear that they absolutely love La Paz and, as one of the highest cities in the world, demand the same level of attention and attention to detail as their guests.

With a dazzling nightlife and a beautiful, walkable barrio, it's no wonder that La Paz is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations for its nightlife. There is a wide selection of restaurants, bars, cafes, restaurants and hotels in LaPaz, as well as a wide selection of hotels.

Nestled in a valley between two high Andean peaks and at an altitude of 3,650 meters, La Paz combines the diverse culture of Bolivia. With an altitude of over 3,600 m, it is the highest administrative capital in the world and is nestled between the valley and the two high Andean peaks.

An Avenida Montenegro has its own history as one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. From the hotel's rooftop terrace you can enjoy the magnificent views of La Paz and spectacular views of the city and mountains.

Each room offers panoramic views of the Andes and in La Paz it gets quite cold in the winter months with temperatures in the low 60s and low 70s. With numerous waterfalls and cascades, the places where rap expeditions start are steep and rugged.

The Atix Hotel is the right place if you are in a green residential area of La Paz. This boutique hotel is located in the heart of Sopocachi, just minutes from the city centre and a short drive from all attractions.

The Hotel Sal Luna Salada has been designed to take full advantage of the tranquility, privacy and vastness of the surrounding countryside to ensure deep peace and quiet after a long day of exploring. With a courtyard surrounded by a large atrium covered with glass domes, this unique space creates the ideal environment to stimulate the senses. The decadent spa is the perfect place to treat yourself to a massage while exploring La Paz, or to get off the shuttle bus in the city centre and fly straight to the hotel to relax in one of the luxurious spa rooms.

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