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Colourful, wild and full of life, La Paz is a great destination for young backpackers looking for a truly authentic South American experience. The best place to stay with friends and family in Bolivia's capital and have a good time.

A tasting menu costs 39p for five courses and rises to 87p ($15), but prices are prohibitive for most people. Diplomats, tourists and Bolivian elites are key clientele, while individual à la carte dishes cost between $6 and $50. Immerse yourself in the local El Alto culture, visit the boutiques and museums there, visit the National Museum of Ethnography and Folklore, stroll down Calle Jaen, one of Bolivia's best-preserved colonial streets, and visit the Latin Market, where you can buy everything from SUVs to herbal remedies.

In the Spanish countries where Accor operates, the 2018 agreement is the first of its kind, demonstrating that the model will be adopted globally. Headquartered in Santiago, the company is headed by its Chief Executive Officer, COO and Chief Operating Officer (CFO) and Executive Vice President, while other countries are in the process of committing to the next phase of the company's global expansion into Latin America and Africa.

The Atix Hotel offers fantastic views of the city and beautifully designed minimalist suites. The 25 rooms of the hotel are fitted with parquet floors and a gable roof and have a private balcony with city views. Each of the 25 rooms has a private balcony with city views.

Guests also enjoy free access to the spa, which offers a wide range of wellness services including massages, massage therapy and acupuncture. The ibis network offers similar services even without hosting, as there is a hotel infrastructure that can be used for business meetings in the common room, while the difference is open to all.

Gustu has a waiting list, while Noma's fame and reputation means it is saturated with demand for tables, often booked out three months in advance, and weekend reservations are recommended. The best time to travel is in March and April, when temperatures are between 6 and 18 degrees, but there is heavy rain and temperatures reach 1 degree in the summer months.

For more information on the best hotels in La Paz to plan your trip, check out our guide to the top 10 hotels in Bolivia and our list of the best hotels in the world. If you have forgotten your shuttle bus in the city centre, you can fly to La Palma from Bogota Airport or Buenos Aires at any time.

El Consulado is part of the Danish-run Adventure Travel Agency, which is based in the building behind the hotel. Flights from Gatwick, Santa Cruz and Madrid are also available, as are direct flights to La Palma from Bogota and Buenos Aires airports.

The hotel houses a hostel, restaurant and bar serving regional cuisine and a variety of cocktails. A continental breakfast is served daily and the hotel has a restaurant serving regional, specialities and international dishes.

There are local Andean colors - inspired striped cushions that litter the room, and then there's the singani, the national grape spirit that is made in cocktails and often poured into and macerated in it. Singani Orange is particularly good, with Chankaka, an unrefined sugar cane that gives it a dark, sultry color.

The Boutique El Consulado Hotel is located in the old Consulate of Panama in La Paz, near the Cemetery Palace. The hotel was known as the first boutique hotel in the city and is conveniently located in the heart of La Paz. It is just a short walk from the main square and a few blocks from a number of restaurants and bars.

The 53-room suite is a lesson in earthy simplicity, with floor-to-ceiling windows that highlight the striking plateau, mountains and valleys. The Atix Suite of the hotel had the opportunity to enjoy the frenetic energy of the Bolivian capital, which was only enhanced by the ubiquitous in-room whirlpool. Each bathroom is equipped with locally produced bath products such as lavender, toilet and bath salts.

The lamb loin is served with fermented carrots and herbs that taste like a combination of rosemary, mint and eucalyptus, giving the dish a unique sweet and fragrant kick. The outstanding pudding is a sorbet made from a green skinned fruit that looks like passion fruit and is grown directly in front of the restaurant. A perfectly cooked egg yolk comes in a rich, rich and creamy sauce with a hint of cinnamon and a hint of nutmeg.

The hotel's Tambo Colonial restaurant serves a varied menu of local and international dishes, and rooms are decorated with Aymara and Quechua motifs. Hostal Naira offers stunning views of the city with its corniced ceiling and a wide range of natural light.

Gustu's two chefs, both from Venezuela and Denmark, are not afraid to incorporate ideas and ingredients that are still locally sourced but rarely eaten by Bolivians, such as cauliflower and rabbit. Some of the sous chefs and the trainees working with them (selected from a group of students from low-income households) are Bolivian citizens. A five, seven or 15 course menu is presented in a variety of colors and styles, from white and red to black and white. Handmade furniture made from local wood is enhanced by a range of local and international dishes, as well as a selection of traditional dishes from around the world, such as quesadillas.

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More About Lapaz