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At a star-studded gala in Bolivia, some of Latin America's best travel brands showcased their new products and services. Leading figures from the travel industry from around the world and leading representatives of the tourism industry attended.

The VIP ceremony was part of the first World Travel Awards in Bolivia's history. The winners included the country's leading tour operator, the world's leading tour operator and the leader of its own tour operator, as well as the hospitality industry, including one of Latin America's best hotels, the Wyndham Hotel in La Paz and its partner hotel chain.

The Atix Hotel offers fantastic views of the city and beautifully designed minimalist suites as well as a wide range of luxurious amenities. The hotel's 25 rooms have parquet floors and a gable roof, and a private balcony with city views.

Located in the mountains, the gardens offer breathtaking views. Free parking is available to guests, as well as access to a variety of restaurants and bars.

La Paz is ideally located between the Amazon and the Andes and is a springboard to explore the wider region, while enjoying views of El Alto, the largest and most diverse region in the world, from the mountains to the coast. Visit the boutiques and museums there, visit the National Museum of Ethnography and Folklore and immerse yourself in the local El Palo culture. Stroll down Calle Jaen, one of the best preserved colonial streets in La Paz, or visit the Latin Market, where you can buy everything from plant-based 4x4 vehicles to a variety of artisanal foods.

Take a dip in the pool, enjoy a drink in a trendy bar or hop on a shuttle bus to the city centre and fly to La Paz airport for a direct flight to the Bolivian capital Quito. Browse our list of the best accommodations in La Paz before planning your trip.

El Consulado is part of the Danish Adventure Travel Agency, which is based in the building behind the hotel and hosts a variety of events and events.

The hotel's Tambo Colonial restaurant serves a varied menu of local and international dishes, and rooms are decorated with Aymara and Quechua motifs. Hostal Naira offers a versatile mix of rooms with a variety of architectural features, including a corniced ceiling and an open kitchen. The hostel's restaurant and bar serves regional cuisine and a variety of cocktails. The continental breakfast is served daily and the hotel has a number of restaurants serving regional, specialty or international dishes, as well as an outdoor terrace.

The Stannum Boutique offers stunning views of the city and Mount Illimani, and the restaurant in the three-family house serves a variety of local and international dishes as well as a selection of cocktails. The top-floor Utama restaurant offers beautiful views of the city and surrounding mountains, with an outdoor terrace and an open kitchen with a large outdoor terrace.

Hotel Presidente offers modern accommodation in a modern building with an open-air terrace overlooking the city and Mount Illimani. The Boutique El Consulado Hotel is located in the old Consulate of Panama in La Paz, near the Cemetery Palace. The hotel is known as the first boutique hotel in the city and is conveniently located in the heart of La Paz. Hotel A - La Maison is located on the second floor of a three-storey building on a busy street and offers eight luxury self-catering apartments in an elegant, modern design with a large outdoor terrace and private garden. In the centre of the city, in the "heart" of La Pz, there are two hotels: the Hotel de la Maisons and the Hotel de los Pueblos.

These beautiful hotels on the outskirts of the city offer a pampering spa with private pool, spa and private garden, as well as an outdoor terrace. The city itself is a museum of colors and traditions and, according to several guides, one of the best nightlife for world travelers. It is famous for its rough indigenous wrestling and is home to a variety of cultural events such as concerts, dances, concerts and dance parties.

The restaurant serves a variety of local and international dishes, where grilled meat is the specialty of the house, as well as traditional dishes such as chicken, pork, beef and lamb.

In the aviation sector, LATAM Airlines won the award for South America's leading airline and Aeromexico was voted Mexico's leading airline. In the new arrivals category, the Brazilian Vila Gale Touros was named the leading new hotel in South Africa and the Hotel Nantipa in Costa Rica the leading new hotel in Latin America in the new hotels category. Among the winners of the red carpet reception was Colombia, which prevailed over stiff competition for the Leading Destination award in South America, and Mexico, which was chosen as Leading Destination. Meanwhile, Rio de Janeiro International Airport, the second largest airport in the world, became the leading airport in South America.

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