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Anyone who has ever read or heard about the major changes in the Bolivian food landscape will probably know that Gustu, the upscale restaurant in La Paz founded in April 2013 by Danish chef Claus Meyer, is a household name. This tiny restaurant was founded by a trio of friends who met at ONA, where they were frustrated at cooking upscale cuisine tailored to foreigners. Aguilar teamed up with his wife Karen and the restaurant, called "Gustu," sparked a culinary renaissance by combining a local network of local chefs, local ingredients and local culture. In this restaurant Karen found herself in the midst of one of the most exciting and exciting moments in Bolivian cuisine.

I recommend this place to all friends who want to taste authentic Bolivian cuisine in La Paz and pack some really good food. In addition to neighboring Los Cabos, LaPaz also has some of the best restaurants in the world, such as El Cajamarca, El Pueblo and El Dorado.

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If you're planning a trip to Baja California Sur and want to enjoy some really good food, this post will break down some of the best restaurants in La Paz, Mexico, that we absolutely love. If you are looking for a place to relax at night, enjoy the great Bolivian and international cuisine and find good food, then this is the place for you. Finding good restaurants can be difficult, but if you know where to look, you can find good food and cuisine every time you visit. We look forward to tasting the authentic local cuisine of LaPaz and telling you all about what we ate there, as well as some of our favorite places for lunch and dinner.

If you like spices and Bolivian chillies, Ahijada Ajiceria in Sopocachi is the place for you.

This is by far my favourite restaurant in La Paz and one of the best when it comes to late-night food. According to the locals I spoke to, this is the "best fish restaurant" in all of LaPaz.

Coroico Sur - Coroico Sur is another great restaurant to visit at lunchtime if you want to get a great impression of the "Bolivian lunch look."

Although not centrally located, Luciernaga's restaurant is one of the best places to eat traditional Bolivian cuisine. There are also some popular dishes that you will find on the menu of Taqueria La Paz.

Peruvian food is one of the most popular dishes in La Paz, and not only because it is popular in cold weather (forget the Andes at night). Nights. Enjoy a delicious beef heart on a skewer while you're at it, or roast a cheese and enjoy it with a glass of wine or beer.

Being vegetarian in a South American country may exclude some testing experience, but Bolivia is generally no exception to this rule. Here we have listed some of the best dishes to try in La Paz, most of which can be enjoyed in restaurants and street vendors.

Street food is huge in Bolivia, and in La Paz there are small street cars and food stalls lining the streets of the city. Food fairs have become a real affair in recent years, bringing together a wide range of food products that are presented at booths and in some restaurants in LaPaz. You can also eat at Christmas events, including handicrafts. These are the most common meals and snacks you will find on the streets of LAPZ.

If you love all three, pastels and queso are La Paz's street food, and there's clearly no better way to delight yourself than with some of the world's most popular pastels, such as Pastele de la Paste. This is a vegan-friendly restaurant in LaPaz with a wide selection of vegan dishes.

Mi Chola is run by a chef who has honed her skills in the cuisines of Spain and France. She is an indigenous woman in Bolivia. Gabriella brought these skills home to Bolivia and ran her own restaurant in LaPaz with a wide selection of vegan dishes. Saltena was invented by the ladies of Salta who fled Argentina into exile while living in Tarija, Bolivia!

The recipes vary slightly from country to country, but in La Paz, La Pacena, Saltena and El Hornito are the best options. In recent years, Gustu has become a popular destination for bringing avant-garde Bolivian cuisine to the table. In the months after its opening, it reached number one on TripAdvisor and the restaurant is among the hundreds of restaurants in LaPaz listed on the website. If you prefer a more casual, informal dining experience than Mi Chola or Mi Pacenas, this is a good option for you.

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