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We spent 3 days in La Paz, Bolivia and we felt it was a great opportunity to get a feel for the city and be a part of it. Located in the middle of the country, only a few kilometers from the capital of Bolivia, a day trip through these beautiful parts of Bolivia is a win and usually very affordable.

One of the best places to visit to take the cable car is El Alto, but if you decide to go there, you should not take valuables with you. Be careful at night and at the border crossing and do not take a cable car, as this is one of our most dangerous cities in Bolivia. It's not a safe place for tourists, robberies and pickpockets, so avoid it.

If you are travelling from Copacabana to La Paz, take the direct bus to avoid changing at the Desaguadero border crossing with Peru. You could just as easily forget the standard bus at any travel agency in the city or city centre and take one of the more expensive buses, such as the B1 or B2, but it would probably be cheaper.

The easiest way to cross here is to fly with TAM (Mercosur) or Argentinian Airlines, but you can also try one of the less well-known crossings such as La Paz International Airport or Copacabana Airport.

If you do not want to travel to Chile, you can end your trip in Uyuni and then travel back to La Paz or wherever. Bolivia, Brazil and Corumba are some of the most popular San Matias uses, but the most popular is Puno, which runs from Copacabana (on the main road) via CopACABana, LaPaz and Bolivia. You can also take a boat to Rio Branco, which can be reached from Cobija (also by bus) in La Paz or from the Bolivian side of Rio de Janeiro.

Once you get to La Paz from Copacabana, you can take one of the many buses that leave LaPaz daily from CopACABana bus station. If you want to live in an indigenous community in Bolivia, ecolodge offers packages that allow you to stay in the surroundings of Bolivian villages. Alternatively, there are free hikes on an ad hoc basis or a great hostel where you can stay in La Paz for $3600 a night.

For a week in Bolivia I would recommend 3-4 nights in La Paz, followed by a 3-day hike through the Salar de Uyuni, the salt flats and the Laguna de la Cruz. Upon arrival, you can book 3 days and 2 nights of hiking or choose between a tour to Salar of Salarda, a walk from the bus station at Copacabana or a 2-day trip to Salarete, including lunch. The salt flat tour usually costs $3 a day or $2 a night, but I decided to book it as a two-week trip for $3500 a week for two days.

If you are on a budget and you are coming to La Paz, I would recommend you to stay in a hostel for 3600 dollars when it comes to your stay here. Hostels are super decorated anyway, but if you are travelling and staying in a place like this, then on your budget.

If you are planning to travel to Bolivia, below is a list of the best places to visit in Bolivia, including what you can do there, which travel companies you should use and how to get around. Get a guide for day trips - guide will help you find the best rated activities in La Paz and other parts of Bolivia. If you are more comfortable in a group than alone in Bolivia, for part of your trip or for the entire duration, here are some of my best Bolivia tours for solo. For more information about Bolivia and a visit to the country on a budget, read these 19 things you need to know about Backpacking Bolivia or this guide to traveling alone in Bolivia.

If you are traveling to Bolivia, it will take you at least two weeks to see the rest of the country, but you can expect to spend about 2-5 days in La Paz, including possible day trips, before returning on your way back and visiting other parts of Bolivia such as the Bolivian National Park. If you are planning to visit Bolivia on a budget, especially for a one or two week trip, see below for a list of my best Bolivia tours for individual and group trips.

If you fly to Bolivia instead of crossing the border, Copacabana makes a great stopover before heading to La Paz. The view of Lake Titicaca, which is part of the border between Peru and Bolivia, is absolutely incredible and you have to be able to make a trip to LaPaz to spend a few nights here. There are some things you need to know about altitude before visiting Leopoldo, Peru. If you fly in and cross a border into Peru or Bolivia and visit the Bolivian National Park, this is your first port of call and a must.

More About Lapaz

More About Lapaz